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Property marketplaces around the world are broken. It is slow, complex, confusing and costly to buy and sell both residential and commercial property. In an increasingly digital world, the status quo is becoming intolerable to customers, regulators, businesses and public sector organisations who inhabit these marketplaces.

Many of the systemic…

Private Project Delivery Networks Powered by Blockchain and Smart Contracts

There have been many well documented failures of IT projects within the UK public sector including

  1. NHS IT — The £12.7bn National Health Service National Programme for IT (NPfIT)
  2. The Department for Transport’s Shared Services — was initially forecast to…
9/9 Business Model elements will be disrupted by Blockchain and DLT Technology

Alexander Osterwalder says that every business model can be broken down in to nine component parts which he sets out in the Business Model Canvas. This walk-through shows how blockchain has the potential to disrupt every element of an organisation’s business model

  1. Customer Segments — Organisations will have to get…

A 90 minute Service Design Workshop looking at the selection, engagement and deployment of aid workers in responding to disasters and the potential of Blockchain Technology to help overcome some of the current barriers to safeguarding and rapid mobilisation.


The Service Design Workshop was part of a wider Charities Working…

John Reynolds

COO at Coadjute.

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